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If you're looking to learn applied time series analysis and forecasting, this is the place for you. I have a wealth of material from my youtube videos available here on the website, ready for you to use. With files in both EViews and Stata format, you can learn at your own pace and apply what you've learned using the software of your choice. Mastering these skills will give you a serious competitive edge in the job market, so why wait? Start learning today!

Learn DSGE models in Matlab Dynare

In this course I will show you step by step how to solve the simple RBC model in Matlab-Dynare. We will go through each of the commands. Wait, that's not all! We will move one step forward and add oil to the economy. I will show you have to modify the simple RBC model and add oil in the production function and an equation to supply oil. Finally, we will bring real data to the model. We will use the GDP cycle to estimate the model. What are you waiting for? Check it out!

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DSGE Course in STATA- RBC Model
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The Dynamic stochastic general equilibrium (DSGE)comprehensive course will teach you how to estimate DSGE models in STATA. The course is designed so that you can learn step by step and get a clear understanding of the concepts. The course covers important topics such as model estimation, forecasting, and policy analysis.

What does it include?
1- Complete DO File with codes not seen in the course in YouTube.
2- Slides for all of the classes.
3- Paper I wrote with the maths solution, step by step explanation and the analysis of the results.
4- Dataset with all the variables (includes consumption, investment, hours worked, gdp, etc.)
You will get a ZIP (8MB) file
Complete EViews Course - Applied Time Series and Forecasting
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Complete Applied Time Series and Forecasting course in EViews

Course Description

Time series data is everywhere and understanding how to model it is an essential skill for anyone looking to further their career in data analysis. This is an exciting course that will give you a complete understanding of applied time series data in EViews. You'll get access to all the material and files I used in my video tutorials, including slides, datasets, and an EViews workfile with all the results and graphs.

Who is this course ideal for?

This course will provide great guidance for anyone interested in deepening their understanding of applied time series and economic forecasting. From students or academics, to financial institutions, corporations, and/or government agencies. Anyone can benefit from this user-friendly course in EViews. All the material you need to understand the main applied time series topics are in this amazing bundle.

Benefits of buying the EViews Bundle

By getting the Complete EViews course, you will be getting the material for 7 topics for the price of 5!
The bundle includes:
1- Unit Root test with Breakpoints in EViews
2-Hodrick Prescott Filter in EViews
3-ARIMA Models in EViews
4-ARCH and GARCH Models in EViews
5-Cointegration and Error Correction Model in EViews
6-Vector Autoregression (VAR) Model in EViews
7- Structural Vector Autoregression (SVAR) Model in EViews

To watch all the video tutorials in a progressive order, Please click here

This course will give you everything you need to become an expert in time series analysis using the software EViews. You will get all the material and files that I use in my own video tutorials (and more 😉), so you can follow along and replicate the results and graphs yourself. Each part builds on the previous one, so by the end of the course you will have a complete understanding of how to use EViews for time series analysis.
The course includes slides, datasets, and an EViews workfile with all the results and graphs.

Interested in learning more about me and all the available video tutorials?
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You will get a ZIP (8MB) file