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Get started with DSGE Models in Dynare with this great guide

Want to learn how to calibrate and estimate DSGE models in Matlab-Dynare? This guide is for you! DSGE models are becoming increasingly popular in the world of macroeconomics, but learning the software and navigating this complex subject can be challenging without guidance. This guide is specifically designed for individuals seeking help with DSGE models and Dynare. You'll learn step by step how to manually solve a simple RBC model and calibrate it in Dynare, even without any previous knowledge of the software. Plus, you'll expand the basic model by introducing oil into the production function to gain deeper insight into economic fluctuations. Finally, you'll learn how to estimate the simple RBC model using data. This guide is tailored for beginners and is an affordable way to gain a handle on DSGE models and Dynare.

Note: This guide does not include the video tutorials. This option is a cheaper alternative for those who cannot afford to buy the full bundle (video + material). The guide explains step by step how to solve the math involved in the model, as well as the necessary commands you need to know to calibrate and estimate DSGE models.

Make sure to download a preview of the guide and watch the preview of the course.

Watch a Preview of the Course

Not sure yet if you will like the content? You can take a look at a preview of the course. Also, make sure to download the PDF preview of the guide.

NOTE: the videos aren't included in this bundle. This bundle only includes the guide, Matlab files and dataset.

Introduction to DSGE Models in Dynare

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