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STATA bundle: AR FORECASTS + VAR + ARIMA + COINTEGRATION + Time variables & Editing Graphs

Are you interested in mastering applied time series and forecasting? If so, this is the perfect opportunity for you to do so! Enjoy a discount when buying the Stata files as a bundle, and get the AR, ARIMA, VAR models and cointegration package for only $14.99. You will also get the files to produce time variables and professional graphs. This package includes everything you need to understand the fundamentals of time series analysis and forecasting. You will have access to all the tools necessary to develop your skills in this domain. This deal is simply too good to pass up! Get ready to take your skills in applied time series and forecasting to the next level.

NOTE: this is a bundle. it's the same items than if bought individually (AR Forecast, VAR, VAR Forecast with bands, ARIMA, COintegration) but at a discount price. save by buying together.

If you haven't bought any of the material for my Stata tutorials, you can take advantage of this deal and get the whole package at a discount. Save by buying together!

Note: The DSGE course is not included in this bundle. However, you will get a 30% discount code to buy the DSGE course.

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Save by getting this bundle!

You will get the slides, DO File, and datasets for all my available tutorials:

1-ARIMA Models
2-Produce forecasts with AR Models
3-Cointegration and Error Correction Model (Engel and Granger method)
4-VAR models
5-VAR models Forecast with confidence bands

Plus, the free content:
i. Generate Tme Series Variables
ii. Produce professional Graphs in Stata
You will get the following files:
  • PDF (6MB)
  • ZIP (7MB)

Customer Reviews

Luigi B.

Verified Buyer

1 year ago

Great Resource!

This bundle is great! It's a must buy if you are taking any applied time series course. The Stata Do files and slides are really helpful and easy to follow. I would definitely recommend this material to anyone who is looking for a good resource on STATA.